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The Steam Trap Survey

Here is what to expect from a professional steam trap survey. The steam trap surveyor should be experienced in locating and identifying steam traps in any steam system. A detailed log shall be recorded identifying the specifics of each steam trap including: Location, application, type, manufacturer, size, testing results and any observations for improving loss of live steam. Testing equipment should include both ultrasonic listening and infrared temperature instruments. We use smart tags when identifying steam traps. This allows the customer to observe instant information on any trap that was surveyed by us using your smartphone. The survey company will prepare a detailed therms savings report that includes the cost associated with the faulty steam traps identified during the survey. Most Utilities require this report in order to participate in their incentive programs. STS works with utilities all over the US and help customers participate with incentive programs available to them. After a survey the report is sent to the customer and the utility if there is an eligible incentive. When the utility is involved in a project their engineers review the report and an offer is made to the customer. Our experience shows that steam traps are the low hanging fruit when it comes to energy conservation and lowering ones carbon footprint. The Return on investment for steam trap repair is most always less than 2 years not including any utility incentives. The US Department of Energy has guidance here: The bottom line is choose an experienced survey company and maintain your traps to achieve real energy savings.

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