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Steam Traps 101

So what is a steam trap? A steam trap is a mechanical devise designed to keep live steam where it belongs and allow condensate and non-condensable gases to return to the condensate receivers.

There are different types of steam traps. The most common mechanical steam traps in use are: Bucket, Float and Thermostatic, Thermostatic and Thermodynamic. These steam traps all function a little differently and we will talk about them individually in future blog posts.

Steam traps are the most neglected part of a steam systems. They are the low hanging fruit when it comes to steam efficiency and energy savings. Steam traps need to be surveyed over time. Steam Trap surveys should be conducted annually at the very least and more often on high pressure steam systems. Most steam traps are designed to fail open (for good reason) which means loss of live steam into the condensate system. Live steam in the condensate system causes a multitude of problems not to mention the increase in fuel bills due to steam loss. Have you ever passed by building and noticed steam venting to atmosphere? This is a sure sign of leaking steam traps and steam in the condensate system.

The bottom line is take care of your steam systems and have your steam traps surveyed and repaired regularly. Take advantage of your utility rebates that are very aggressive for steam systems. We are available nationwide.

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Steam Traps leaking, venting to atmosphere

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