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Steam Trap troubleshooting

So you have steam exiting your building through a vent pipe. Your condensate temperature return line is nearing your steam supply temperature. You have banging pipes. Your condensate pumps keep failing. Your fuel consumption increases monthly. Your boiler sight glasses are dirty. These are all signs that point towards steam traps leaking.

When a steam system starts to age steam traps begin to fail. Steam traps require inspection and maintenance because they are mechanical. When a steam systems has any or combination of the signs listed above its time to call a steam trap expert. A steam trap expert will survey and diagnose the root cause of your systems trouble. A comprehensive steam trap survey should be performed as soon as possible. The steam trap survey should include tagging, mapping, ultrasonic and infrared inspection. Specialized equipment is required for this task.

A full steam trap report should include a list of all fully functioning, leaking, plugged and not in service traps. The report will include energy losses from the leaking steam traps measured in therms. These reports are necessary when taking advantage of utility steam trap incentives. We do not charge for a consult to discuss your goals.

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