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Orifice devises (traps)

We have been running into a lot of these Orifice devises lately. We refer to them as devises because they are not steam traps. They are designed to leak condensate back to the system and they don't do a good job replacing steam traps. There is good reason most utilities will not offer incentives for these devises. Most all of these Orifice devises were plugged or leaking live steam. The steam systems these came out of was a mess.

In our opinion these devises cause more harm than good and every time we see them there are problems with the steam system. Don't fall into the orifice sales trap. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is right!? In order to have a healthy steam system stay with mechanical steam traps. These include: Float & Thermostatic, Thermostatic, Bucket and Thermodynamic Steam Traps.

So what are we finding wrong with orifice devices? We are finding plugged and leaking orifice devises that cause condensate pump failure and water hammer. We have seen condensate lines pressurized and steam in condensate receivers. Condensate pumps require liquid and fail when steam get back to the condensate receiver. Don't do it. Call us first. Avoid a lengthy and costly repair bill.

Here is a video produced by Barnes & Jones showing the difference between an Orifice devise and a Thermostatic steam trap.

We also recommend reading from the Department of Energy on orifice devices

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